Creative Matrix for Marketing Mobile Apps and Games

Cheat sheet for finding high performing creative

Who doesn’t want to find a high-performing creative for their mobile app or game? This has been the core of our UA process since we founded Miri in 2017.

Creatives are one of the most important tools a UA manager can leverage to achieve great ROAS and higher scale. We’ve collaborated with apps and games across a wide range of categories. Very early on, we realised that specific concepts performed well for different categories, and started to understand not only what was performing, but also where.

That led to our categorisation process, where we grouped creatives by concept; the key characteristics behind their performance.

To summarise our findings, we started working on a creative matrix in 2019, and we’ve been updating it ever since. We grouped concepts by app/game category, creating a heatmap of which ones perform best for each genre.

We’re now ready to release this as a whitepaper – to receive access to these insights, please submit your email below.

Picture of Adam Turowski

Adam Turowski

Adam started working in the mobile space in Berlin in 2012. After working for a DSP, he moved on to Lamudi, a Rocket Internet company, to work on marketing of their mobile app. In 2014, Adam moved to London to be responsible for user acquisition at Peak before co-founding Miri Growth with Zach in 2017.

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Creative Matrix for Marketing Mobile Apps and Games

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