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Increase in CTR


CPI Decrease


Increase in IPM

Building winning creatives for globally acclaimed Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey is a world famous skill game. Miri was tasked to concept and produce engaging and quirky creatives that resonate with the core target audience to bring high value users to the game.


Creatives Tested


CPI Decrease


Increase in IPM

Increasing IPM and Decreasing CPIs for Trailmix by Leveraging Audience Insights

Love & Pies combines exciting storytelling with snackable yet nourishing gameplay. The team wanted to understand and leverage the game’s USP to develop engaging creatives that would resonate with its audience, and drive meaningful UA growth.


First time buyers


CPI Decrease


CPA Decrease

Driving profitable user acquisition for Socialpoint’s Dragon City

Socialpoint were looking for profitable scale on TikTok and came to Miri to devise a channel-specific creative and campaign strategy.


Share of Spend


CPI Decrease


Android Spend

Finding creative winners and improving IPM with Lord of the Board

Lord of the Board is a very popular mobile backgammon game. Beach Bum wanted to work with an agency to find new creative winners, across a variety of creative execution styles.




CPI Decrease



Scaling a lifestyle app using innovative creative concepts

Luni wanted to drive strong growth for Meditation Nest by aiming to make it one of the most downloaded lifestyle apps in the US & T1 markets, whilst keeping the CPA low.


Creatives Tested


CPI Decrease


Increase in IPM

Achieving higher IPMs and lower CPIs via Creative Testing with N3twork

N3twork wanted to rapidly test creative concepts for OUTLOUD’s idle game, in order to scale user acquisition profitably. They reached out to Miri to lead the creative ideation, production and testing to drive stronger IPMs across paid social channels. Miri produced and tested over 130 creatives in four months.


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Scaling 6x whilst doubling Conversion Rates with Paired on Facebook

Paired is a relationship app that helps couples improve communication, stay connected and deepen intimacy, as well as identify areas of strength and growth. They wanted to scale up quickly and explore new channels whilst keeping their cost-per-trial stable, which would help them hit their ROI goal.




CPI Decrease


Android Spend

Scaling creative winners for Word Life with Social Point

Word Life is one of the top Word Games in the world, published by Social Point. It’s a game for lovers of word puzzles, crosswords and anagrams alike. Social Point wanted to get an external perspective from a UA Agency to identify new creative and campaign management opportunities.


Channel by revenue




Installs in 3 months

How we scaled Real Boxing 2 on Snapchat & Facebook with 80% above ROAS objective

With over 78.5 million players, the Real Boxing series is the largest and most well-known mobile boxing game from Polish developer Vivid Games. Miri scaled both channels while maintaining the performance 80% above the ROAS objective.


Monthly Spend by Miri YoY


Videos Tested in a year



Achieving record scale & ROAS with Two Dots

Dots wanted to drive profitable growth for Two Dots by challenging their existing UA strategy and collaborating with different agencies. They ran a test with Miri and, based on the successful performance, chose them to exclusively manage their Facebook UA.


Installs in 2 month


Above ROI Objective


Ads Tested per week

How Head Ball 2 increased scale on Facebook & Snapchat

Masomo were looking to scale up and get a fresh perspective on UA. Miri ran campaigns on Facebook and Snapchat alongside Masomo’s internal team and both teams worked together closely to attain better results.






Ads tested

How ‘My Story’ drove 92k installs on Snapchat in a week

In 2017, Nanobit were looking to expand their marketing potential and test Snapchat for the first time. They needed to evaluate if the channel could be both profitable and scalable. This is when they started working with Miri.





How IDAGIO scaled user acquisition by 5x on Facebook

In 2017, IDAGIO wanted to better understand who their target audiences were and how best to reach them. They wanted to explore user acquisition on Facebook and demonstrate that it could be a viable channel.