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Organic Installs: : The Unsung Hero of Mobile App Growth
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In the ever-competitive world of mobile app development, user acquisition strategies are paramount for success. While paid advertising channels like Paid Social, Ad Networks, and DSPs dominate discussions, organic installs often fly under the radar. However, organic installs – those driven by user discovery outside of paid advertising – can be a powerful and cost-effective way to acquire high-value users. This article delves into a world of organic installs, exploring their definition, key metrics for measurement, and effective strategies for maximizing their impact on your mobile app’s growth.

What are Organic Installs?

Organic installs refer to app installations occurring but not directly attributed to a paid advertising campaign. This encompasses a variety of user acquisition avenues, including:

  • App Store/Play Store Search: Users discover your app organically through keyword searches within app store platforms.
  • App Store/Play Store Features: Gaining visibility through editorial features or curated lists within app stores can drive app installs.
  • Website or Social Media Traffic: Users download your app after visiting your website or social media channels, where they learn about the app’s value proposition.
  • Viral Marketing: Organic user acquisition through word-of-mouth recommendations and user-generated content that spreads awareness about your app.
  • Public Relations (PR): Positive media coverage or influencer marketing efforts that generate organic interest in your app.

Metrics for Measuring Organic Installs

While organic installs lack the precise attribution data associated with paid campaigns, several key metrics can help you assess their effectiveness:

  • Install Source: While not as granular as paid advertising attribution, app store analytics can often categorize organic installs by source, such as search, browsing, or referrals.
  • App Store/Play Store Rankings: A higher ranking for relevant keywords can exponentially increase organic discoverability and drive organic installs.
  • Organic Conversion Rate: This metric measures the percentage of users who discover your app organically (through search, browsing, etc.) and convert it into installs. A high organic conversion rate indicates a compelling app listing and effective organic user acquisition strategies.
  • User Lifetime Value (LTV): Studies often suggest users acquired organically tend to have a higher lifetime value versus those acquired through paid channels. Organic users may be more engaged and passionate about your app, leading to increased in-app purchases or long-term retention.
  • Retention Rate: Track how long users acquired organically remain active within your app. High retention rates for organic users suggest a valuable and engaging app experience.

Strategies to Maximize Organic Installs

Optimizing your app store presence and implementing effective organic user acquisition strategies are crucial for maximizing organic installs:

  • App Store Optimization (ASO): Thoroughly research and implement relevant keywords within your app title, description, and metadata to improve search discoverability within app stores.
  • Compelling App Store Listing: Create engaging screenshots, app previews, and a well-written description that communicates your app’s value proposition and resonates with your target audience.
  • Positive User Reviews and Ratings: Encourage users to leave positive reviews and ratings; as they can significantly influence organic discoverability and user trust.
  • Social Media Marketing: Leverage social media platforms to build brand awareness, showcase your app’s features, and engage with potential users organically.
  • Content Marketing: Develop informative and engaging content (blog posts, infographics, videos) that showcase your app’s functionalities and target relevant keywords to attract organic traffic and potential users.
  • Public Relations: Secure positive media coverage through press releases, influencer partnerships, or industry awards to generate organic interest in your app.
  • Website Integration: Display a call to action (CTA) for app download on your company website and ensure seamless linking to the app store pages.

5 Key Takeaways from Organic Installs

  • Cost-Effective Acquisition: Organic installs offer a cost-effective user acquisition strategy compared to paid advertising.
  • High-Value Users: Studies suggest organic users tend to have a higher lifetime value due to their inherent interest and engagement.
  • Optimize App Store Presence: Prioritize App Store Optimization (ASO) and create a compelling App Store listing to improve organic discoverability.
  • Content Marketing & Social Media: Use organic user acquisition strategies like Content Marketing and Social Media engagement to drive organic installs.
  • Long-Term Growth Strategy: Organic installs contribute to sustainable and long-term app growth alongside paid marketing efforts.

Organic installs, while sometimes overlooked, offer a valuable pathway to user acquisition. By implementing effective organic user acquisition strategies and optimizing your app store presence, you can unlock the potential of organic installs and cultivate a loyal user base that fuels your app’s long-term success.

Our mobile glossary is a great introduction to terms used often in mobile growth marketing.

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