Miri Growth joins MSQ

An exciting new chapter for Miri...

We’ve achieved so much in the past five years but we are ambitious and have been looking for a partner to help us grow and improve further, adding more strings to our bow and giving us a wider geographical footprint so that we can adapt and thrive in an ever changing market. In MSQ, who we have joined today, we have a like-minded partner.

MSQ is one of the UK’s fastest growing independent marketing and technology groups. It has over 10 agency brands in 13 global offices in the UK, Asia and the USA. Agencies within MSQ provide branding and design, tech and digital transformation, data analytics/insight, digital, customer acquisition and engagement, creative development and production, media buying, PR & content creation and B2B marketing.

Like us, MSQ has a creatively led, tech-enabled and data driven business model. It has backing from LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group and an established player in the UK market.

This is a perfect outcome for us. We can build our agency independently within MSQ but collaborate with colleagues, particularly in accessing deeper data, analytics and performance reporting capabilities to enhance our current client offering.

You can read more here or here.

Picture of Zachary van Driel

Zachary van Driel

Zach entered the digital market in 2013, co-founding an eCommerce male fashion shop that closed after a successful 3 years. After completing his Bachelors in Mathematics, he immediately entered the mobile space at Peak in 2016, joining Adam in the User Acquisition Team, before the pair co-founded Miri Growth in 2017.

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Miri Growth joins MSQ

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